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Patrice Johnson

Patrice Johnson is a Nordic food geek and meatball historian. She is a food writer and recipe contributor for a variety of local and international publications, and her food column “Called to the Table” appears weekly in the Gaylord Hub. She is the author of “Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions” and “Land of 10,000 Plates: Stories and Recipes from Minnesota”.

Lutfisk lover and surströmming visionary, Patrice longs for the day when Minnesotans embrace the delicious (occasionally odd) cuisine of her heritage.

Upcoming events

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  • Workshop: Filmkväll – Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

  • Workshop: Classic Scandinavian Cookies and Bars

  • Demo: Dopp i Grytan

  • Demo: St. Knut’s Day with Patrice Johnson

  • Demo: Intro to the Nordic Table

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