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Our Staff

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  • Molly Steenson, PhD

    President + CEO

  • Ingrid Nyholm-Lange

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Josh Torkelson

    Executive and Consular Services Coordinator

  • Steven Engelkes

    Director of Finance

  • Bernadette Hanson

    Finance & Administration Assistant

  • Jonah Snyder

    Information Technology Manager

  • Christiana Stolpestad

    Director of Engagement

  • Darby Johnson

    Public Relations Specialist

  • Lizzy Rode

    Engagement Coordinator

  • Jon Dahlin

    Media Design & Production Coordinator

  • Dexter Carlson

    Development Manager

  • Nina Andersen

    Member and Donor Services Coordinator

  • Andrea Justus

    Volunteer and Interpretive Services Coordinator

  • Erin Stromgren

    Exhibitions Manager

  • Shawn Connors

    Exhibition Designer

  • Inga Theissen

    Manager of Collections & Historic Properties

  • Maggie Coleman

    Collections Specialist

  • Shelby Matula

    Visitor Services Manager

  • Morgan Glup

    Visitor Services Assistant

  • Britta Walstrom

    Program Manager

  • Erin Swenson-Klatt

    Food & Handcraft Educational Programs Coordinator

  • Liz Stopka

    Language & Cultural Programs Coordinator

  • Oliver Hunter

    Art and Culture Programs Coordinator

  • Lindsey Tscherne

    Youth & Family Programs Coordinator

  • Jason Leuthold

    Program Associate

  • Miki McClellan

    Nordic Table & Handcraft Programs Associate

  • April Neske

    Human Resources Manager

  • DeAnn Barlow

    Retail E-Commerce Coordinator

  • Nate Adelmann

    Facilities Manager

  • Aubrey Kanash

    Custodial and Event Supervisor

  • Johnny Sanasinh

    Facility Lead

  • Nadya Goncharova

    Food & Beverage Director

  • Amalia Obermeier-Smith

    Executive Chef

  • Kim Benedict

    Director of Catering

  • Emily Thompson

    Catering Event Coordinator