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Museum & Mansion Tours

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Tours of ASI

In-Person Tours

Explore public and private in-person tours of the Turnblad Mansion and exhibits.

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Virtual Tours

Interactive virtual tours led by ASI interpreters are available to both individuals and groups.

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School Groups

In-person learning experiences for K-12 classrooms.

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Types of Tours

In-Person Tours

Public In-Person Tours

ASI interpreters will guide you through the Turnblad Mansion, offering insights into its history and the story of the Turnblad Family. Space is limited to ensure a dynamic and interactive environment for all participants. Register in advance to secure your space. Walk-up registration may also be available, but will be limited based on number of advanced registrations.

Free for ASI members / $15 for non-members. Includes museum admission.

Current Tour Dates:

Thursday, January 6, 2:30 pm (Sold Out)

Private In-Person Tours

Learn more about the Turnblad Mansion with a private tour led by knowledgeable interpreters.

1 hour

Available to book Thursdays and Fridays at 10 am or 1 pm

$20 per person for groups of 10-30 people. Includes general admission to the museum. Unique meal and refreshment options available such as cookies, cocktails or a full Swedish smörgåsbord. Catering price varies, starting at $10 per person. Contact Michael Cochran, Director or Catering, via the link below for more information.

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Virtual Tours

Public Virtual Exhibition Tours

Explore ASI’s featured exhibitions during live, virtual tours led by ASI interpreters and special guests. Available to both individuals and groups via the Zoom platform.

$20 per connection

From Our House to Yours Tours:

January 5

Private Virtual Tours

With exclusive access to ASI interpreters and content experts, these tours offer an up-close and unique experience for individuals and groups to connect virtually with ASI.

Swedish Christmas Traditions Tour

Learn the stories behind a selection of historic objects from ASI’s collections not regularly seen by the public in this private holiday-themed virtual tour. Led by an expert ASI educator, and with up-close view of each object, this tour will offer insight into Swedish holiday traditions and explore why Jul is such an important time of year for many Swedes. Please book at least two weeks in advance.

50 minutes

$300 flat rate for up to 40 separate computer connections

Stories in a Snapshot

Discover new connections to one another and develop a deeper understanding of Swedish-American history in this unique discussion-based private tour that utilizes historic photographs from ASI’s archives as a means to explore shared experiences.

60 minutes

$200 flat rate. Minimum of 4 and maximum of 20 participants

Meet the Turnblads Tour

Learn the rags-to-riches story of the Turnblad Family and explore the rooms of their namesake Turnblad Mansion in this private virtual tour.

50 minutes

$300 flat rate for up to 40 separate computer connections

Behind the Scenes at ASI

Explore a treasure trove of objects from within ASI’s material collections and learn what it takes to preserve each object for future generations in this customizable tour led by ASI’s Collections Manager. Please book at least two weeks in advance.

50 minutes

Available to book Fridays at 11 am Central Time

$500 flat rate for up to 40 separate computer connections

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School Groups

ASI welcomes K–12 school and home-school groups to participate in educational museum tours. ASI’s educators work with classroom leaders, customizing each experience to meet class needs. Contact Lindsey Tscherne for more information.