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Adult Language Learning

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Lifelong learning in Swedish and Finnish

With more than 1000 students each year, ASI’s language program is one of the best resources for Swedish and Finnish language learning in the Upper Midwest. With both online and in-person classes offered at all skill levels, anyone can learn a new language or practice their skills from anywhere in the world.

From one-day exploratory classes to nine-week language sessions, ASI’s language program features a range of learning options for students of all ages and abilities. Along with traditional classroom formats, ASI offers seasonal programs designed to bring language learning to life in new ways—from book clubs to hiking club, music-listening sessions, and more.

Please note that your regular class might have a new name this term. In fall 2023, nine-week language class naming conventions will be changing to (we hope!) make our classes easier to navigate. Please review the class descriptions and cross-reference them with the Rivstart edition and volume to determine the appropriate class level for you. If you have any questions, please email Liz Stopka at [email protected].  Click here to learn more.

Discover more resources for learning Swedish, click here to learn more.

Adult Language-Learning Opportunities

Introductory Language Classes

These single-day classes are designed for the curious language explorer and offer introductory Finnish and Swedish language learning.

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Language Expansion Classes

Over four to five weeks, these classes offer language learning by exploring unique subjects within Swedish and Finnish culture and heritage.

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9-Week Language Courses

Meeting weekly, these nine-week courses offer deep Swedish and Finnish language-learning opportunities guided by specific classroom texts.

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New Class Names

  • Beginning I classes are for new beginners to Swedish. They will start in chapter 1 of the textbook.
  • Beginning II classes continue studies in Rivstart A1/A2.
  • Beginning III classes cover the second half of Rivstart A1/A2.
  • Intermediate I start using the next level of Rivstart B1/B2.
  • Intermediate II classes cover the second half of Rivstart B1/B2.
  • Advanced I classes start using the next level of Rivstart B2/C1.
  • Advanced II classes cover the second half of Rivstart B2/C1.
  • Swedish Literature classes can be at a variety of levels. Read the class description to find out more about the level of the class.
  • Beginning Finnish I classes use Soumen Mestari 1 and start on chapter 1.
  • Beginning Finnish II classes continue studies using later chapters of Soumen Mestari 1.
  • Intermediate Finnish classes cover all of Suomen Mestari 2.
  • Advanced Finnish classes start using the next level of Suomen Mestari 3.