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The Honorary Consulate of Sweden in Minneapolis represents the Swedish government in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, in concert with the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, D.C.

The Consulate’s office is located at the American Swedish Institute at 2600 Park Avenue in Minneapolis. Services provided in Minneapolis include passport delivery, provisional passports for emergency travel, applications for coordination numbers or to retain Swedish citizenship, life certificates, facilitation for Swedish voters and more.

Dr. Molly Steenson serves as Sweden’s Honorary Consul in Minneapolis.

Consular services are provided by appointment only. The fastest way to contact the Consulate is by email at You also may reach the Consulate by phone at (612) 870-3377.

Consular Services

Applicants seeking new or renewed passports must visit the Embassy in Washington or the Consulate General in New York.

To book an appointment in Washington, click here or call (202) 467-2600. To book an appointment in New York, click here or call (212) 583-2560. To apply for a passport, you must already have a personal number (personnummer) or coordination number (samordningsnummer).

You also may apply for a passport with the Swedish police. This is the fastest and least expensive option if you are currently in Sweden or will be traveling there soon. For more information (in Swedish and English), click here.

The Consulate in Minneapolis cannot accept passport applications and renewals. However, after applying in Washington, New York or abroad, you may ask the issuing authority to send your passport to us in Minneapolis,  where you can pick up it up.

Please Note: Emergency Passports cannot be created the same day at the Honorary Consulate in Minneapolis. Please allow at least two days of lead time and processing time before your needed travel date. 

In the event of an emergency or a lost passport, the Consulate in Minneapolis can immediately issue a provisional (or emergency) passport to a Swedish citizen, which can be used for a single trip to Sweden.

You must make an appointment to apply in person at the Consulate. The fee is $172 in cash or check; the consulate cannot accept credit cards. The best way to reach the Consulate is via email.

To obtain a provisional passport, you must have purchased tickets for travel and be able to show your itinerary, as this information will be included on the passport itself.

Th following is needed to obtain a provisional passport:

  • Completed application form (provided during your appointment).
  • Completed verification of Swedish citizenship form (provided during your appointment).
  • Your expired Swedish passport. If your passport is still valid but soon will expire, it will be disabled.
  • Valid photo ID, if your passport is expired.
  • Two passport photos, which are the same as US passport photos and can be obtained anywhere this service is offered. They cannot be more than six months old.
  • Printed copy of your flight itinerary.
  • If you live in the US, original documentation proving US resident status. This could include a valid resident card (“green card”), valid visa or a US naturalization certificate. This does not apply if you have been a US citizen since birth.
  • Your birth certificate (original or certified copy), if you have been a US citizen since birth.
  • If you became a US citizen before 1 July 2001, documentation that you have regained your Swedish citizenship.

If the applicant is a minor (younger than 18), the additional items are required:

  • A completed guardian certificate, signed by both legal guardians and by two witnesses to these signatures. If filled out at the Consulate, the consular staff can act as witnesses. This form is valid for one month.
  • The minor’s birth certificate (original or certified copy).
  • Passports or valid photo ID for both legal guardians.
  • Proof of both legal guardians’ US resident status (valid resident card, valid visa or US naturalization certificate).
  • The legal guardians’ marriage certificate, if married. If formerly married, a divorce certificate/declaration and the original marriage certificate are required.
  • If legal custody has been granted to one guardian or to another person, legal proof of guardianship must be included (original or certified copy).

Learn more about applying for a provisional passport (in Swedish and English).


Provisional passports may only be issued one way to Sweden, from the U.S. You may have a layover in another country if flying, or taking a train. 



In order to receive the benefits of Swedish citizenship, children born outside of Sweden must be added to the population register. This application is free and can be filed in person by making an appointment at the Consulate in Minneapolis.

Click here to download and print a Name Registration application.

Parents seeking a passport for their child should apply for a coordination number with the same application above. The child must be present at the time of application, along with at least one legal guardian; however, both legal guardians must sign the application. Supporting documentation is required, including certified copies of the child’s birth certificate, parents’ marriage certificate (if applicable) and more.

You will receive your child’s coordination number directly from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

A coordination number applies for life; however, it only remains active for five years, after which it moves to a dormant status. It can be reactivated when renewing a passport in Washington or New York, or at any time by visiting a Swedish Tax Agency office in Sweden.

Learn more about applying for a Coordination Number (in Swedish and English).

A Swedish citizen who was born abroad in some cases will lose their citizenship upon reaching age 22 unless they apply to retain it. You must submit this application after your 18th birthday but before your 22nd birthday.

This application is free and can be submitted in person by making an appointment at the Consulate in Minneapolis.

Download and print a Retention of Swedish Citizenship Application here.

Learn more about applying to retain Swedish citizenship (in Swedish and English).

If you live outside Sweden and receive a pension from the Swedish Pension Agency (Pensionsmyndigheten) or compensation from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), you need to provide a life certificate (levnadsintyg) each year.

If you receive a life certificate in the mail, you can make an appointment with the Consulate in Minneapolis to have it stamped.

Learn more about life certificates (in Swedish and English).

Swedes residing abroad can vote in advance in Swedish elections either by mail or in person at embassies and consulates. For a complete list of voting locations and voting hours, please see the embassy website here.

Learn more about voting abroad (in Swedish and English).

For complete eligibility requirements, please visit the Election Authority’s website. You do not need a voting card to vote by mail or in person, but please bring yours if you have one. Additionally, if you are not registered in the Electoral Register (röstlängden) you may still vote as long as you meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the election authority.



Visa applications are processed through the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). The Consulate in Minneapolis does not conduct visa interviews or collect biometric data; this must done at the Embassy in Washington or the Consulate General in New York.

Learn more about visas and moving to Sweden (in English).

All US visas and residence permits are handled by US authorities. For more information, contact US Citizen and Immigration Services or the US Embassy in Stockholm.

Questions about ESTA and US visa waivers must be directed to US Customs and Border Protection.

Information about travel to the US during the COVID-19 pandemic, including current restrictions, can be found at the US Department of State’s website.

Krisinformation från svenska myndigheter

UD:s reserekommendationer

Sveriges Ambassad i Washington (Swedish Embassy)

Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Agency)

Skatteverket (Swedish Tax Agency)

Polisen (Swedish Police)

Pensionsmyndigheten (Swedish Pension Agency)

Valmyndigheten (Swedish Election Authority)

SWEA International Inc.


The Honorary Consulate does not provide translation services.

Contact the Consulate

Honorary Consulate of Sweden, Minneapolis
2600 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407

(612) 870-3377

Molly Steenson, Honorary Consul
Josh Torkelson, Consular Assistant