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Cocktails at the Castle

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Festival Details

From pop concerts on the main stage, to wandering theater performances, to surprise improv in the Mansion – there are no limits to what you might find around each corner!

Watch as a mural comes to life over the course of the evening, learn how a crafter turns something ordinary into something extraordinary, or try your hand at making something beautiful yourself!

When Swedes drink – they sing! Learn a song and get in the Swedish spirit. Bring the beverage of your choice and skål with style. No Nordic heritage required!

Dancing is a requirement  of any good party. Boogie down in FIKA cafe with our guest DJ host before you call it a night.

No party would be complete without good food and drink! FIKA cafe curates a selection of pre-made specialty cocktails and small plate options inspired by the current exhibit.

Each Cocktails at the Castle is unique and inspired by ASI’s current exhibition!

  • ragnaROCK (The Vikings Begin, 2019)
  • Chroma Craze (Gudrun Sjödén—A Colourful Universe, 2018)
  • Fantastical Worlds (The Fantastical Worlds of Kim Simonsson, 2018)
  • Light Up The Night (The Watercolor Worlds of Lars Lerin, 2016)
  • All Strings Attached (Amp Up! The Hagstrom Guitar Sensation, 2015)
  • Dynamite Night (2015)
  • Cocktails at the Cabin (2014)
  • Loki’s Halloween Bash (2013)
  • Bonfires, Birchwood and Decoupage Revisited (Son of a Birch: It’s Popular Again, 2013)
  • Hot Shop Herring – Glass Blow Out (2013)