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The Vikings Begin

The Vikings Begin told the story of how the Viking Age began through a selection of magnificent 1300 year-old artifacts, from weapons to smaller treasures such as jewelry and objects of magical importance.

Based on research by leading scholars, Charlotte Hedenstierna-Johson, John Ljungqvist, and Neil Price, the exhibition was organized into six themes which examine the various aspects of Viking culture: A New World Order, The Baltic Sea, The Wider World, Warefare and Warriors, Power and the Gods, and A Maritime Society.

While the exhibition was about this research and findings, it was also an experience of the senses; striking a balance between the information and the visual impact of the scenography and objects.

An archaeological journey to the dawn of the Viking-age, ASI was the Midwest premiere for this traveling exhibition produced by Uppsala University in Sweden and its museum, Gustavianum.