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A Dip in Bastus

September 1, 2022 By Lizzy Rode

Polar plunges are quite common, and the ice cold dip is relieved by a trip to the bastu (or sauna).

Some studies claim moving from extreme heat to cold is beneficial for the circulatory system. The concept of hot to cold is a time-honored tradition dating back thousands of years, starting in Finland, Estonia and Russia. There are bath houses open in Sweden to participate in this tradition so here is an option in Sweden:

Ribersborg’s Kallbadhus-

This bathing house has been around for over 100 years and regularly in use today. It’s located in Malmö right next to Copenhagen. Open all year round, anyone can join to have a dip in the icy January water to a slightly warmer August. Welcoming to all people, Ribersborg has an opportunity for anybody to join regardless of gender, body and identity.

612 Sauna Society

Here in Minneapolis, there is a Sauna club called 612 Sauna Society. They usually meet over at Hidden Beach at Cedar Lake Minneapolis. Their season runs in May since the water is cold at the lake, and you get a complete experience. It’s also possible to rent out their sauna for an event, contact them and see the availability.

One can participate in their own dip experience, whenever they like. All you need is freezing water and hot water. This can look like a rotation from a hot shower to a cold pool. It can be exercising and then dunking in an ice bath. ASI has brought in 612 Sauna Society before and will have Litter Ember Co at the September Cocktails at the Castle pre-party event. Everyone should have the chance to experience the joys of a bastu, in whatever way that feels comfortable to them.