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Gunn Edberg-Caldwell

Gunn Edberg-Caldwell (she/her) holds several teaching degrees; teaching students from 10 to 100 years of age. She has a Masters in Scandinavian Languages and Literature from University of Minnesota. Being an adventurous person, Gunn sailed across the Atlantic to the USA and has since moved across the ocean several times; most recently to be a principal for a couple of high schools in Stockholm, Sweden. Since returning to Minnesota she has been active at ASI teaching both Svenska för tonåringar (“Swedish for teenagers”) as well language and culture classes for adults. Besides teaching, she enjoys reading, running and skiing.

Upcoming events

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  • VIRTUAL Svenska för tonåringar (Swedish for teens) - Level 2

  • Tues. Intermediate Swedish - Edberg-Caldwell

  • Svenska för tonåringar (Swedish for teens) - Level 1

  • VIRTUAL Svenska för tonåringar (Swedish for teens) - Level 3

  • Thurs. Intermediate Swedish - Edberg-Caldwell

  • Thurs. Cont. Beginning Swedish - Edberg-Caldwell

  • Thurs. Advanced Swedish - Edberg-Caldwell

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