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Gregg White

“You can’t learn a language unless you also know the culture and vis versa.”

This has been Gregg White’s (he/him) teaching motto for the years he has been a Swedish Language and Culture instructor at ASI. He intersperses language learning with snippets of the Swedish culture, traditions and practices. His signature classes also include Swedish Literature in Translation – 1880-1940, An Introduction to the History of Sweden, and Three Thoroughly Exhausting Days in Stockholm.

Upcoming events

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  • Beginning III: Swedish (Rivstart A1/A2 - Ch. 17) Mon. White

  • Intermediate II: Swedish (Rivstart B1/B2 - Ch. 12) Tue. White

  • Beginning III: Swedish (Rivstart A1/A2 - Ch. 11) Thu. White

  • Beginning II: Swedsih (Rivstart A1/A2 - Ch. 6) Thu. White

  • Mon. Beginning III Swedish - White

  • Sweden and Swedish for Travelers

  • Tues. Intermediate II Swedish - White

  • Thurs. Beginning III Swedish - White

  • Thurs. Beginning II Swedish - White

  • Sweden and Swedish for Travelers

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