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Midsommar Celebration

Midsommar Dancing

Get in the Summer Spirit

Saturday, June 17, 2023, 10 am–5 pm

Dating back to ancient times, Midsommar is a tradition that welcomes back warm weather and marks the longest day of the year. It’s celebrated by making fresh-flower head wreaths, singing songs, listening to live music, and dancing around the midsommarstång (maypole)—all hallmarks of this family-friendly festival at ASI.

This year, ASI’s Midsommar Celebration will feature performances by lynx lynx, Hanneke Cassel, Mike Block, and a summertime dance party featuring Jake Rudh, longtime DJ, MPR radio host, and founder of Transmission.

The 2023 Midsommar Celebration is on Sat, June 17. Advance ticket registration is available all day to attend this event. Walk-up sales will only be available after 1:30 pm. Midsommar is one of ASI’s most popular events; please anticipate limited on-site parking.


Mainstage Schedule 

10:30 am — ASI Male Chorus 

11 am — ASI Lilla Spelmanslag

11:30 am — Dance Around Midsommar Pole

12 pm — ASI Spelmanslag

12:30 pm — Lynx Lynx

1:15 pm — Remarks and Scholarship Awards

2 pm — TC Nyckelharpalag

2:30 pm — ASI Cloudberries

3 pm — Dance Around Midsommar Pole 

3:30-4 pm — Ole Olsson’s Oldtime Orkestra

4-5 pm — DJ Jake Rudh Transmission Dance Party

Indoor Schedule 

10 am — McNordiques Under Tapestry

11 :30 am — Artist Talk with Claus Larsson 

11 am — Vasa Jr. Folk dancers 

1-1:30 pm — Fiddles on Fire 

2:30 pm — Artist Talk with Claus Larsson 

3:30 pm — Ah Snaps with Liz Stopka 

All Day Activities

Artist Demonstrations

Temporary tattoos

Family Handcraft Activity

ASI Museum Store Open

Flower Head Wreath Making

Mini Handcraft Market


Timed Activities

10 am — Handcraft Demo with Claus Larsson

10 am — Handcraft Demo with Wendy Johnson

11 am — Family Story Time w/ Nana and Abuela read by author Monica Cavanaugh Rojas and illustrator Emiko Rainbow

12 pm — Handcraft Demo with Maddy Bartsch

1 pm — Handcraft Demo with Claus Larsson

1 pm — Family Story Time w/ Nana and Abuela read by author Monica Cavanaugh Rojas and illustrator Emiko Rainbow

2 pm — Handcraft Demo with Jen Newberg

3:30 pm — Handcraft Demo with Claus Larsson


Swedish Hot Dog—Mashed Potatoes, Creamy Mustard, Lingonberry Sauce, Sweet Pickles, Onions

Kids Hot Dog—Plain, Mustard and Ketchup Available

Vegan Hot Dog

Pickled Herring Small Plate—Served with Sour Cream, Chives & Mustard Sauce

Potato Dill Salad—New Potatoes, with Dill Mustard Dressing

Cucumber Shrimp Salad—Local Baby Lettuce, & Horseradish Sauce

Kebob Flatbread—Lamb or Chicken Shawarma, Pickled Peppers & Onions, Creamy Garlic Sauce & Shaved lettuce

Open Faced Sandwiches—Hard Boiled Egg & Cheese or Salmon Salad on Rye

Beet Salad

Fruit Cups

Candy, Chips, Popcorn






Shrubs, Lemonade, and Other N/A Beverages



Cardamom Buns

Almond Cake, Strawberries & Whipped Cream

Assorted Swedish Cookies

Soft serve Ice cream

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