FIKA on the fence - Jan Padover
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Fika on the Fence

Watercolors by Jan Padover

Fika (fee-ka) is the act of gathering socially for a cup of coffee, or tea In Sweden, this twice-daily ritual also involves baked goods, or fikabrod. One canfika at a café or at home, where these freshly baked pastries are always served with immense joy.   

Featured on the outside historic fence of ASI for easy public viewing are paintings of 15 popular Swedish baked goods often enjoyed during fika. These watercolors are by Jan Padover, and are part of a larger fikainspired watercolor series. 

Varsågod!  Let’s Fika!  

Jan’s full watercolor series is featured on a set of playing cards, produced in association with Prospero Art and are available for purchase in the ASI Museum Store

If you want a real taste of some of these Swedish fika treats – be sure to check out what’s on offer at ASI’s FIKA Café


About the Artist – Jan Padover

A native San Franciscan, Jan Padover has been studying, teaching and exhibiting in the U.S. and Sweden for decades.

Jan began his studies in the San Francisco studios of Sheldon Schoenberg and Charles Griffin Farr and continued to the San Francisco Academy of Art, where he received his B.A. in Fine Art as well as an Art Teaching Credential.

Jan also studied In Sweden at  Konstfack, where he achieved a degree in Graphic Design.  In Sweden, Jan has shown in both the prestigious National Museum’s Unga Tecknare show, and in Liljevalch Museum’s Spring Salon.