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Joona Sundström

Joona Sundström (he/him) was born in Tampere, Finland, before moving to the US with his family as a child. Since then, he has been keeping fluent in Finnish thanks to his parents, and by teaching Finnish to people of all ages at Salolampi – Concordia Language Villages’ Finnish immersion camp. He hopes you’ll join him at ASI to learn and utilize this challenging but fun language!

Upcoming events

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  • Intro to Finnish

  • Beginning II: Finnish (Suomen Mestari 1 new edition - Ch. 7) Tue. Sundström

  • Intermediate I: Finnish (Suomen Mestari 2 - Ch. 3) Wed. Sundström

  • Intro to Finnish

  • Tues. Beginning II Finnish - Sundström

  • Wed. Intermediate I Finnish - Sundström

  • Wed. Beginning I Finnish - Sundström

  • Intro to Finnish

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