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ASI together with All My Relations Arts (AMRA) will host Mygration, an exhibition of works by Tomas Colbengtson and Stina Folkebrant, accompanied by work from local Indigenous artists.

In Mygration, the work of Sámi artist Colbengtson and Swedish artist Folkebrant explores issues of migration, herd mentality, time, and forgotten past. Colbengtson selected and printed archival photos of Sámi immigrants of Alaska, which are paired with Folkebrant’s large-scale paintings of the eight seasons of Sápmi, illustrating the Sámi concept of time and the life of the reindeer. The paintings are hung in a circle with the photographs at the center, inviting the visitor to become immersed in a panoramic image.

“Our inspiration is the emigration of Sami and reindeer around 1900 from the Nordic countries to Canada and Alaska. The Sami were offered work to teach the Inuit reindeer husbandry. The big gold rush also meant that many people needed food and draft animals. Some Sami returned home after a few years and others remained.

In the exhibition, we reflect on issues such as emigration, herd mentality, cycles, time and the forgotten stories. Animals know no nationality or national borders; they go where they want they follow the pasture and instinct and people who work with herd animals follow the animals’ cycle.” —Stina & Tomas

Mygration will be hosted both at ASI and at All My Relations Arts Gallery located on Franklin Ave in Minneapolis. The work of local Indigenous artists whose work explores these topics will be exhibited together with Tomas’ and Stina’s work at All My Relations Arts Gallery.

ASI has also commissioned Stina to create and paint Nature Story, a new Family Gallery experience.