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Painting with Swedish Egg Yolk Paint

This program is sold out. Please call 612-871-4907 to be added to a waitlist.

Learn to make your own natural paint out of egg yolks in the style of folk paints from Southern Sweden! Historically paints were mixed from many different easily accessible bases, including egg yolks. In this intro-level class, students will work alongside contemporary folk artist Pieper Bloomquist to mix multiple colors of paint and use them to create some typical flowers found in older folk images from Southern Sweden.

A $25 materials fee covers all painting materials, but bring a sketchbook if you desire for note-taking. Students may also bring their favorite brushes if desired in any or all of the following sizes: round in size #2, #4, #6, or liner in size #3/0, #1. Brushes are also available to loan in class. Finally, students may also wish to wear an apron or otherwise wear clothes that can get a little messy. Suitable for any skill level, ages 12+.