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Coaxing Out Primary and Secondary Colors with Natural Dyes

Looking to expand your natural dye palette? Join Maddy Bartsch of Salt of the North Dyes for a day of coaxing out a rainbow of colors from locally grown plant-based dyes. This intro level dye class will focus on the basics of choosing and preparing dyestuffs, making a dye vat, and using modifiers to change colors but is suitable for anyone who has some experience dyeing and wants to experiment more with combining colors or learn about Minnesota grown dye plants, including madder, weld, and woad. Together the class will prepare three vats to achieve primary red, yellow, and blue on mini wool skein samples, and then transform to secondary green, purple and orange using overdyeing, modifiers and more. Students will head home with handouts, samples, and lots of new dyeing experience. As a natural dye grower, Maddy brings deep knowledge in growing dyestuffs in Minnesota, so bring your questions and note taking materials!

A $45 materials fee covers all materials. Please note, weather permitting, this class will take place mostly outdoors. Suitable for ages 18+ or 16-17 accompanied by a registered adult.