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Photography & Videography Inquiries

Rent Space / Photography and Videography Inquiries

The American Swedish Institute allows private and commercial use photography and videography to take place on its campus.  Fees and use policies apply to both private and commercial engagements. 

Inquiries must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the requested date. ASI cannot accommodate last-minute requests.

Videography or photography engagements may be scheduled as follows: 

Mon & Tue, 7 am–7 pm (extended hours by special arrangement only) 

Wed-Sun by special arrangement only 

If you are interested using the American Swedish Institute as a location for still photography or film/video, please submit the inquiry form below.

If you are hosting your wedding at ASI, please connect with your event contact at ASI before filling out this form. 

Private Use

ASI defines ‘private use’ as any photography or videography which will never be used for commercial or promotional purposes at any time in the future. Examples of private use photography or videography may include family photo shoots, wedding or engagement photography, personal photography that will not be publicly available, or other uses.

Commercial Use

ASI defines ‘commercial use’ as any photograph or video which will be used as part the promotion or selling of any products or services at any time in the future. This may include print or digital advertisements, books, instructional videos, feature films, documentaries, or other uses.  

Photography/Videography Inquiry Form

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