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Our Staff

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  • Bruce Karstadt

    President + CEO

  • Peggy Korsmo-Kennon

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Adelie Bergström

    Executive and Consular Services Coordinator

  • Steven Engelkes

    Director of Finance

  • Nicholas Sertich

    Finance & Administration Assistant

  • Christiana Stolpestad

    Director of Engagement

  • Karen R. Nelson

    Communications & Media Relations Manager

  • Eric Wilson

    Engagement Strategy Manager

  • Emily Krumm

    Engagement Coordinator

  • Jon Dahlin

    Graphic Design & Print Coordinator

  • Leia Wambach

    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Eleanor Beaird

    Member & Donor Services Coordinator

  • Ingrid Nyholm-Lange

    Director of Experience

  • Curt Pederson

    Senior Curator of Historic Properties

  • Erin Stromgren

    Exhibitions Manager

  • Shawn Connors

    Senior Exhibitions Manager

  • Inga Theissen

    Collections Manager

  • Hannah O’Neill

    Project Archivist

  • Esteban Perez Cortez

    Esteban Perez Cortez

    Interpretive Developer

  • Shelby Matula

    Visitor Services Manager

  • Britta Walstrom

    Program Manager

  • Erin Swenson-Klatt

    Food & Handcraft Educational Programs Coordinator

  • Aly Fulton-Kern

    Public Programs Coordinator

  • Liz Stopka

    Language & Cultural Programs Coordinator

  • Lindsey Tscherne

    Youth & Family Programs Coordinator

  • Ingrid Aune

    Program Associate

  • April Neske

    Human Resources Manager

  • Rick Sellen

    Rick Sellen

    Retail Operations Manager/Buyer

  • Claire Lee

    Inventory Specialist

  • DeAnn Barlow

    Retail E-Commerce Coordinator

  • Nate Adelmann

    Facilities Manager

  • Mike Palmer

    Lead Building Engineer

  • Nadya Goncharova

    Food & Beverage Director

  • Blake Meier

    Executive Chef

  • Michael Cochran

    Director of Catering

Board of Trustees

Members of the ASI Board of Trustees serve three-year terms and can be elected to two consecutive terms of office. Candidates for the Board are nominated by ASI members, and trustees are elected to the board at ASI’s annual membership meeting every June.

Members of the Board (2021-22)

Brad Engdahl (Chair)

Dr. Maggi Adamek (Vice Chair)

Elizabeth Olson (Treasurer)

Laurie Jacobi (Secretary)

Lynnea Atlas-Ingebretson

Aimee Richcreek Baxter

Carline Bengtsson

Karl Benson

Michael Bjornberg

Brenda Butler

Dr. Mary Dee Hicks

Barbara Linell Glaser, Ed.D

Dr. John Litell

Marco Molinari

Mohamud Mumin

Andrea Oseland

Lenor Scheffler

David Sorensen

Linda Wallenberg

William ‘Bill’ Weiler

Andreas Örnberg