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9-Week Language Courses

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Semester-long Language Learning

ASI’s nine-week language class terms begin in January, March and September each year. Within each term, ASI offers a range of weekly, 90-minute classes that are textbook based, literature based or conversation based. Each course is led by one of ASI’s experienced Swedish and Finnish language educators.

Courses are offered on the same schedule from one term to the next. This allows ASI’s language students to progress in their language learning across multiple terms, while remaining with a cohort of students and the same classroom leader.

Periodically, ASI offers Kort Kurs 1 and Kort Kurs 2, a course developed for students with limited prior language study. For instructions on how to access Rivstart digital materials, please click here.

Course Information

Language class registration opens the season before a term starts. Registration for fall classes opens in summer, winter classes in fall, spring classes in winter and summer classes in spring.

Students may register for classes online or by calling 612-871-4907.

Registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment. If ASI cancels a class, registrants will be notified at least three days in advance and fully refunded. For nine-week courses, students may change/switch class sessions without any penalty during the first week of class.

Member Discount

There is a $10 member discount for all 9-week courses. Become an ASI Member today!

Check the class description to determine what text you need.

Textbooks, novels, and Kort Kurs 1 & 2 course packets can be purchased through the ASI Museum Store.

  • Beginning I classes are for new beginners to Swedish. They will start in chapter 1 of the textbook.
  • Beginning II classes continue studies in Rivstart A1/A2.
  • Beginning III classes cover the second half of Rivstart A1/A2.
  • Intermediate I start using the next level of Rivstart B1/B2.
  • Intermediate II classes cover the second half of Rivstart B1/B2.
  • Advanced I classes start using the next level of Rivstart B2/C1.
  • Advanced II classes cover the second half of Rivstart B2/C1.
  • Swedish Literature classes can be at a variety of levels. Read the class description to find out more about the level of the class.
  • Beginning Finnish I classes use Soumen Mestari 1 and start on chapter 1.
  • Beginning Finnish II classes continue studies using later chapters of Soumen Mestari 1.
  • Intermediate Finnish classes cover all of Suomen Mestari 2.
  • Advanced Finnish classes start using the next level of Suomen Mestari 3.


Many ASI classes use the Rivstart series. Rivstart has additional practice materials that can be accessed online. To access these materials, students need to create a free Natur och Kultur (the textbook publisher) account. For detailed instructions on how to create your account, click here.


Virtual classes meet on the Zoom platform. Students will receive the Zoom link immediately upon registration.

In-person classes meet in either Classroom A or B on the Lower Level of the Turnblad Mansion. Check in at the front desk on the first day of class to find out which classroom to go to.

Outside the language classrooms, ASI maintains Lilla bibliotek, a little free library of Swedish and Finnish books and resources. Please feel free to borrow any materials and return them when finished.

To donate materials to Lilla bibliotek, please email Language Programs Coordinator Liz Stopka.