Experience / Events / Workshop: Swedish Flax to Linen Spinning

Workshop: Swedish Flax to Linen Spinning

Feel the presence of ancestors as you experience spinning flax—one of the most ancient and elegant of all fibers. When spun, flax magically becomes the linen strands we revere for exquisite weaving and knitting. Students will learn how to spin line (long) flax and tow (short) fibers with a wet-spinning technique. They will also learn how to dress a distaff and spin from it. Throughout the afternoon, instructor Wendy Johnson will briefly discuss how flax fibers are grown, their important connection to Sweden, and demonstrate the processing of the flax plant for spinning. (For those who wish to have a fuller history of Swedish flax and hands-on flax processing experience, see the Intro to Swedish Linen workshop on April 22.)

Students must have enough previous spinning experience to spin a single and ply yarn and provide their own spinning wheel (preferred) or drop spindle for use in class. A $45 materials fee covers tow and long-line flax for spinning in class, but students may also bring along fiber from the previous April 22 workshop and will have the opportunity to purchase additional fiber to take home. Suitable for ages 16+.