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Workshop: Swedish Cheesecake

This program is sold out. Please call 612-871-4907 to be added to a waitlist.

Spend an afternoon learning about a slightly obscure but delicious regional Swedish specialty, the ostkaka. While translated as “cheesecake” this baked dairy pudding is probably unlike any cheesecake you’ve tried – sweet, creamy, and not too heavy. Originally rennet separated milk into curds and whey; the curds would form the basis of the cake batter which was baked and served with berries or a fruit sauce. Join local cookbook author Patrice Johnson for a hands on workshop to make together her accessible take on the ostkaka (no rennet needed), a delicious dessert that can take us from deep winter to high summer.

This workshop is co-presented by Mill City Museum and takes place in the Mill City Museum Baking Lab.