Experience / Events / Workshop: Shrink Boxes for Women and Non-Binary Students

Workshop: Shrink Boxes for Women and Non-Binary Students

Make a shrink box in this half day class! Shrink boxes are a traditional container carved from green wood. We start with a branch, hollow it out, and insert a dry wooden bottom. As the fresh wood dries, it shrinks into place, magically sealing the bottom to create a useful container! Jess Hirsch will walk students through the steps she took before class to select and prepare the materials. Then, together, students will hollow out their branch, carve a notch for the dry wooden bottom, and saw out, carve and fit the base. The class will wrap up with a discussion of finishing techniques and care, as well as how to make a lid, which is optional post class homework.

This class is for women and non-binary students comfortable with a femme approach to learning. Students need good hand strength and flexibility to participate. Suitable for ages 16+.

All tools and materials are provided; students pay the instructor a $20 materials fee.