Experience / Events / Workshop: Intro to Swedish Linen

Workshop: Intro to Swedish Linen

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Learn about the rich, storied history of Swedish flax growing and linen processing from ancient times to today, and discover the steps involved in growing, harvesting, and processing flax fiber for making linen. Linen enthusiast Wendy Johnson has experimented with growing and processing flax locally and is here to spin tales connecting this old Swedish industry through its history with Swedish immigrants in the US all the way to opportunities to learn from this fiber today. After a short lecture, students will have a hands-on experience processing flax stalks to spinnable fibers using traditional hand tools and view  flax processing tools from the ASI historical archives. Students may use their processed flax fiber at the Swedish Flax to Linen Spinning Workshop on May 6 or take it home for their own interests.

To fully participate in using the processing tools, note that students need some manual dexterity in hands and arms, however the class will still be of interest to most students even without hands on participation. A $30 materials fee covers all materials and tools; students will process approximately one lb. of flax each and can take the finished fibers home. Suitable for ages 16+.