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Workshop: Fanciful Paper Cutting

This program is sold out. Please call 612-871-4907 to be added to a waitlist.

Join Danish paper cutting artist Torben Jarlstrøm Clausen live from his home in Odense, Denmark to explore the universe of fanciful paper cut beings. Working in the tradition of storyteller and paper cut artist Hans Christian Andersen (who was also from Torben’s hometown of Odense), students will work alongside Torben to release their own fantastic people from a piece of paper using only a pair of scissors. In just 90 minutes, students will experience the very best moment of cutting paper – when the paper is unfolded, the magic occurs, and your happy paper cut person emerges! This workshop welcomes paper cutters of all levels who want creative prompts as well as a historic and contemporary look at paper cutting in Denmark and beyond.

This is a live virtual class taught over Zoom. Students need a strong internet connection and a device with video capabilities.

Students provide their own materials for this workshop: a sharp pair of scissors, approximately 5 pieces of paper about 4”x4” and about 5 pieces of paper about 1”x2”. The paper should be about the thickness of printer paper and can be any color of the student’s choosing.

Photo by Karen Relster.