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Workshop: Closet Repair

People have turned to mending to extend the functionality and life of their textiles for thousands of years. That tradition continues today with a call to action to care for your clothing while keeping textiles out of the landfill and beautifying your closet. Mending is relaxing, economical, sustainable and fun, as we each decide what stories we want our garments to tell. Working on garments we brought from home, we’ll talk through picking the right mend for each project, basic darning and mending techniques, what supplies you’ll need, and how to feel confident taking on whatever your closet throws at you. Whether you want to put your mends front and center or have them disappear into your garment, our patches and darns will give our clothes new life.

Students should bring one or more garments to mend or darn and any useful supplies they have on hand such as sewing or darning needles, a thimble, scissors, pins, embroidery hoop, darning egg, tape measure, and fabric pencil or chalk. Students are also encouraged to bring thread, yarn, or patches that compliments the weight of their fabric. Need a kit? Maddy Bartsch will provide everything you need to get started, including naturally dyed fabric patches, a stash of thread and yarns, needles, pins, and tailors chalk for a $10 fee.