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Workshop: Birch Bark Jar Cozy

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Birch bark has a long history of being used for containers – in this class we’ve updated its use for the 21st century as a mason jar cozy! While preparing birch bark for basket weaving and creating a small double-diagonal plaited weave basket, students will learn from instructor Beth Homa Kraus about the history and ecology of the paper birch tree, including how birch bark is harvested and processed for basket weaving. By the end of the day, students will have a small basket sized to fit a 16 oz (pint) mason jar, perfect for insulating a beverage or using as a decorative vase or container.

A $20 materials fee covers all materials including the birch bark harvested by the instructor and an optional provided jar and lid. Students may instead bring a mason jar from home, quart sized or smaller if they have a specific size they prefer. For quart sized jars, the materials fee will increase to $30 and students can expect to finish their project at home. Students need good hand strength and dexterity; suitable for ages 14+.