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Workshop: Advanced Kolrosing

Two sessions are offered. This class runs Tuesdays, November 8–29, 6–8 pm each session OR Wednesdays, November 9–30, 10 am–12 pm each session.

Building on foundational skills, in this advanced kolrosing course students will deepen their kolrosing practices of lettering with serif and script fonts, basket weaves and celtic knots, and illustration. Over four weeks, students will build from serif and script letting layout, to Celtic knot and basket designs, to Celtic animal knots and other illustration techniques. Attention throughout will be paid to layout techniques, cutting techniques, and sequencing of cuts. Students may work on a variety of projects including basswood boards, small basswood boxes, suitable wooden utensils, and the like.

The introductory four-week Kolrosing Foundations class with Liesl Chatman is a prerequisite unless otherwise approved by the instructor. It is assumed students will come with their kit from the foundations class, which can be purchased new if needed. A $15 materials fee otherwise covers consumables such as letterboards, handouts, oil, etc. and more advanced kolrosing knives and other items may also be available for purchase on an a la carte basis.