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Watercolor Story Beasts

This class meets over two days, Wednesday, April 10 and Thursday April 11, 10 am-5 pm both days.

Create an ink and watercolor beast with a beginning, middle, and surprising end in this delightful game of visual discovery and storytelling. As a class, students will develop ideas from simple prompts and familiar shapes. By re-arranging each sequence, we’ll discover an entirely new beast and story. We’ll pull inspiration from historical beasts and dragons from around the world. Each student will leave with a tile template, a fantastic beast or two and inspiration to make many more, so this is a perfect project for anyone with children, story-making, or just a need for a creative outlet in their life. Students will follow along with several demos and receive plenty of opportunity for individualized feedback throughout the day. No prior drawing or painting experience needed, all levels of ability welcome!

This class requires students to provide their own materials. Please see the materials list here.