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Workshop: Extended Kolrosing Foundations

This class runs Tuesdays, February 21-April 4 with no class on March 14, 6-8 pm each session. A four-week version of this class is also offered Wednesday mornings.

Get started with a very old, very portable decorative craft! At its simplest, kolrosing is the art of cutting a very thin incision into a wooden surface, filling it with pigmented powder like coffee or cinnamon to reveal the pattern, and burnishing the cut closed to create a smooth and durable decoration. It is a wonderful way to decorate woodenware such as spoons, spreaders, and plates because it doesn’t catch food, but can also be used on any flat wooden surface. It requires no special tools, strength, or studio space; everything you need can be packed up in a pencil case!

In this course, students will learn the basics of kolrosing through good technique and practice allowing them to confidently and joyfully explore kolrosing beyond this class. Over six sessions, kolrosing artist Liesl Chatman will cover layout and design, surface preparation, knife techniques, cutting straight and curved lines into letters and patterns, and techniques for working on both flat and curved surfaces. Students will work on simple pieces such as letterboards and basic commercial kitchen spoons.

Note, this class has previously run as Intro to Kolrosing and covers the same curriculum. A four week version of this class on Wednesday mornings offers the content for the first four weeks, but this extended six week version offers students a little more time to dig into curves, lettering, and more in the final two weeks of class.

A $80 materials fee is payable to the instructor at the first class and covers all the materials in class as well as a small instructional notebook and travel kit sized to fit everything you need for kolrosing at home or on the road. Kolrosing knives are provided to use in class and may also be purchased separately to take home; if you already have one, please bring it. Previous woodworking experience is helpful but not necessary. Suitable for ages 13+.