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Nordic Culture in Focus: Lagom

Hygge.” “Lagom.” “Fika.” No doubt you have heard and perhaps read about at least one if not all of these words that are found in the Scandinavian languages. (“Hygge” is from the Danish, “lagom” from the Swedish, and “fika” from the Swedish.) In this three-part series, led by Kjerstin Moody, participants will come together to try to unpack and understand each of these three terms by studying and discussing how these terms have been written about, packaged, and “sold” in a U.S. context. Participants are invited to join us for each discussion, and a list of recommended readings will be provided for those who might like to read a recommended selection of texts in advance of each lecture to help us better frame our conversation.

Optional selected reading list (all available for purchase at the ASI Gift Shop): “Lagom”: