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Midsommar Celebration

Visit the festival page to register for a timed entry. 

Dating back to ancient times, Midsommar is a tradition that welcomes back warm weather and marks the longest day of the year. It’s celebrated by making fresh-flower head wreaths, singing songs, listening to live music, and dancing around the midsommarstång (maypole)—all hallmarks of this family-friendly festival at ASI.

This year, ASI’s Midsommar Celebration will feature performances by lynx lynxHanneke CasselMike Block, and a summertime dance party featuring Jake Rudh, longtime DJ, MPR radio host, and founder of Transmission.

Advance ticket registration is available all day to attend this event. Walk-up sales will only be available after 1:30 pm. Midsommar is one of ASI’s most popular events; please anticipate limited on-site parking.