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Making Skyr at Home with Anna Sharratt

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Skyr is one of the great national treasures of Iceland. A thick and tangy Icelandic yogurt known for its important part in a healthy Icelandic diet and beautifully creamy texture, it is traditionally made from skim milk, so it is high in protein and low in fat—but doesn’t taste like it!

In all Nordic countries, a harsh northern climate with limited agriculture has made dairy and food preservation techniques like souring milk essential resources for survival, and Icelanders have traditionally made skyr at home. Anna Sharratt will share this everyday art, exploring Iceland’s unique culture through the lens of skyr in traditional and contemporary life, from turf farms to ancient sagas to modern poetry. Because skyr drains overnight, participants will walk through the entire process in this two-part class. Students will work in pairs to make a batch of skyr, and all students will go home with a draining towel, a reusable jar full of skyr and new recipes to use it in. Ages 14-17 may register alongside an accompanying adult.

Students are encouraged to bring a large, heavy, stainless steel or cast iron pot or Dutch Oven, an apron, and a bath towel.