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Lucia Choir (Grades 5-12)

Be a part of the magic of ASI’s 72nd annual holiday season! ASI’s Lucia Choir is a seasonal youth choir honoring Santa Lucia Day. The Lucia Choir brings light to the darkest time of year through the Lucia in the Mansion and Lucia Celebration concerts. Knowledge of the Swedish language is not necessary and basic language and music instruction are incorporated through rehearsals. Participants are separated into two choir groups based on their current grade level. Choir I is kindergarten–grade 4. Choir II is grades 5–12. Visit the Lucia Choir page for more information.

How to Register:
Families can register their children for ASI’s 2022 Lucia Choir by calling 612.871.4907 or by registering in-person at ASI front desk during regular museum hours. All Lucia Choir participants must have an ASI household membership. Space is limited!

Registration Dates:
Registration for participants from 2019, 2020, and 2021 Lucia Choirs opens on September 30 at 10 am. New family registration opens on October 10 at 10 am.