Experience / Events / Lecture: Sámi Silver Traditions of Northern Norway

Lecture: Sámi Silver Traditions of Northern Norway

Join Liz Bucheit, a Minnesota silversmith and recent recipient of an American Scandinavian Foundation fellowship to study Sámi silverwork in Norway, to hear more about her spring 2022 trip. As one of the pre-eminent American silversmiths working in the Norwegian bunad tradition, Liz has also held a long and deep interest in Sámi silverwork; she has studied both forms along traditional jewelers in Norway and maintains close ties with Norwegian and Sámi colleagues. Her 2022 trip allowed her to broaden her knowledge of historic and contemporary Sámi silverwork design, tools, and techniques in the context of her studies of Scandinavian ornament traditions. In this hour lecture, Liz will share stories and lessons from her journey through northern Norway that enrich our understanding of Sámi silverwork and its place in historic Scandinavian folk culture as well as its vibrant present.

Both in person and virtual tickets are available for this event. The virtual version of this talk will stream live over Zoom. Students need a strong internet connection and a device with video capabilities. Click here to purchase a virtual ticket.