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Intro to Kolrosing

This class is offered on two dates, February 8 and March 28.

At its simplest, kolrosing is the art of cutting a very thin incision into a wooden surface, filling it with pigmented powder like coffee or cinnamon to reveal the pattern, and burnishing the cut closed to create a smooth and durable decoration. It is a wonderful way to decorate woodenware such as spoons, spreaders, and plates because it doesn’t catch food, but can also be used on any flat wooden surface. Join Liesl Chatman to learn more about this very old but accessible craft. Students will have a chance to practice making their own marks with a kolrosing knife and get a feel for the many possibilities kolrosing offers for anyone interested in woodworking, drawing, and traditional Scandinavian crafts.

A $15 materials fee covers the use of tools and materials in class; students will also have the opportunity to purchase a kit should they wish to explore kolrosing on their own.