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Digging into Gravlax

One of the most traditional Swedish foods can also be one of the most intimidating to pull off at home. But gravlax—literally “buried salmon”—is a great project to tackle for a holiday party or buffet. A simple home curing project, gravlax starts with a beautiful piece of salmon, cured in the refrigerator with salt, sugar, and sometimes spices or herbs. Once cured, the salmon is sliced thin and traditionally served on rye bread with sharp or creamy sauces.

Anna Sharratt will walk students through the process from selecting a piece of fish to tasting the finished product, sharing opportunities for customizing flavors and accompaniments, from the traditional to the creative. Students will head home ready to share this Scandinavian delicacy with friends and family for Midsommar, and beyond. This class is demonstration based with some opportunities for participation and sampling.