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Botanical Printed Nuno Felt Scarf

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Combine new and old techniques to make a unique and meaningful felted scarf! Students will work with fiber artist Becky Utecht, who has experience with many felting and botanical printing techniques. The class will start by Nuno felting a scarf out of wool, silk, and Tencel fibers. Nuno felting is an advanced felting technique, layering wool onto a fabric base, resulting in a strong but soft fabric and an slightly nubby texture. In this class, Becky will teach a beginner friendly method using fast felting fibers. In the afternoon, students will practice laying out botanical materials on their scarves for printing, creating amazing designs from natural materials that will be revealed by heat. The option to add dyes allows students to include additional color in their scarves if desired. While the scarves steam to set the prints, students may either layout other designs on fabric brought from home for steaming at home after class or start a second felting project with fiber from home or additional purchased fibers. This is an excellent and satisfying project for anyone new to felting or botanical printing, as well as for newer felters and dyers looking to expand their repertoire of skills.

This class requires standing and working physically and is suitable for ages18+ or ages 14-17 alongside an accompanying adult. A $40 materials fee paid to the instructor covers your first scarf project; students may purchase extra fiber for a second felting project if desired. Students should bring two old bath towels. They are also invited to bring flowers or leaves from home for botanical printing experimentation, and may bring additional fabric items to bundle with leftover materials to take home for additional steaming after class.